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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: Re: Message Header Info

Hi Nikola,

In the interest of not re-inventing the wheel, and expediting the whole ebXML initiative, I think it may be a good idea to review the work done as part of the Schools Interoperability Framework. The Version 1.0 Specification is already out, and they seem to have taken a reasonably pragmatic approach to documenting their architecture. I would have thought that the architecture WG should be able to leverage their data modelling methodology. Note that the specs were worked on by an Infrastructure WG and an Information WG (the verticals). Sound familiar ? 
I think some very good work was done so it may be worth a review.


>There is already a published v1.0 example of an XML transport, complete with
>transport negotiation, request/response, publish/subscribe/event, security
>levels etc.
>It is the infrastructure layer of the School Interoperability Framework (SIF)
>standard for K-12 education. Better yet, it has absolutely no K-12 vertical
>specifics in it (except for a "message type" prefix).


>       "Divisions"
>       "Schools Interoperability Framework"
>       "Specifications"
>               then (from the left margin) select:
>       "Specifications"

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