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Subject: RE: RE: Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call

Message text written by "Duane Nickull"
><NIKOLA> Payload is user specific
so it might be that some of them would need to transfer 30MB image file.
That file could be embedded (CDATA) or it could be referenced (URI) or
whatever else.</NIKOLA>
First of all,  you cannot declare binary data as CDATA.<

Technically the way to do this is using UUENCODING  - but that makes for a 
massive file, but doable.

Since the URI is the best way to go - you can cache content, you can ping
headers via tcp/ip to get size and date/time stamp, before you decide to
haul it over the wire.

30MB files are not unusual for medical imagery - in fact full body MRI's -
and CatScans, Heart Scans, where there is a real time element as well -

I think we should ensure these can be handled - since bandwidth is
orders of magnitude.  So five years from now - this stuff will be small

The business need drives the technical solution requirements as it should.


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