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Subject: Re: RE: Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call

> First of all,  you cannot declare binary data as CDATA.<
> >>>>>>>>>>
> Technically the way to do this is using UUENCODING  - but that makes for a
> massive file, but doable.

(It would, however, be possible to include a text-encoded transformation of
a binary file as a CDATA marked section, using something like UUencode with
the markup characters ] and > removed from the map so that they could not
occur and be misinterpreted.)

> I think we should ensure these can be handled - since bandwidth is
> increasing
> orders of magnitude.  So five years from now - this stuff will be small
> potatos.

I agree. And, five years from now we might have many other things improved
(X..., ...). And we hope ebXML will be everywhere.

> The business need drives the technical solution requirements as it should.

Absolutely. Many times implementers give solutions (how) without justifing
it (why).


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