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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: RE: RE: Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call


<duane about="not parsing a complete document on transit">
> Whoa!! This is bogus.  In the context of valid XML, both SAX 
> and DOM must
> parse the entire docoment to compare it with the schema/DTD 
> to ascertain
> whether or not it is valid.  A SAX parser can stop parsing if 
> it encounters
> syntax error in well formed /valid XML.  You are talking 
> about parsing, not
> handlers for encountered instances.

I dont think a transport system, especially a router/gateway should need
to parse the whole message. Especially if it is only interested in
headers. Take SMTP es an example... you can transport even non RFC822

<duane about="including large binary files into xml messages">
> First of all,  you cannot declare binary data as CDATA.  Any 
> handlers will
> puke on the input.

You can put base64 encoded BLOBS in XML.

> Third - I
> cannot think of any rational how a 30mb image file can possibly be
> considered part of an XML e-business transaction.  It could 
> be the "subject"
> of the transaction, but XML is a text language.

There are a lot of business workflows which have EDIFACT Messages
defined and need attachements... you need a way to route both, the XML
Maniest and the binary attachements in one transmission.

Especially because we should not require http:// Internet Access in the

> I believe that TCP/IP - HTTP is the basis for which this will 
> be built.

No, we have to build it for any message based transport protocol. We
need to support VANs, Point-to-Point EDI, Mail, ... I would suggest we
take a look at EDIINT, the interesting part in that is, that Mime is
used and that it would work with any transfer protocols. Defining the
Transmission of data as way out of focus for this working group...

>  The
> protocol MUST be O/S and Platform independant.  We cannot 
> accept anything
> less. HTTP has many of the built in error handling routines 
> we need for
> ebXML and is also easily integrated with security protocols.

We cannot accept to define or require any protocol for transmission.

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