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Subject: Re: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE & W3C Schema

--On 6/3/00 10:18 AM -0500 David RR Webber wrote:

> Renato - I could NOT disagree more!  You know that the W3C is going to
> press release this claiming its the next best thing since Viagra, and you
> can rub it on anywhere.

Show me a Press Release that doesn't do this ;-))

> So when we come to do versioning in Repositories as an example - there is
> NO versioning in current schema - so what to do?

The current XML Schema WD [1] in Section 4.1 XML Representations of Schemas
supports the version attribute for the schema tag:



Is that what you mean by versioning?

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-1/

Cheers...Renato                   <http://purl.net/net/renato>
Chief Scientist, IPR Systems      <http://www.iprsystems.com>

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