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Subject: RE: MIME enveloping and Packaging work paper for Thursday con-call.


I agree with Nicks response, within the model we presented a payload can
contain a Multipart/related object which could contain a manifest object and
several related parts. It's conceivable the manifest you presented could
occur in the first bodypart of a multipart/related payload.

As a side issue, I think the MR&T groups next "challenge" (after enveloping
is decided), is to define the "behavior" and "headers" needed to support the
transport function. I believe the need for "manifests" is something that
should be discussed as part of the header definition/behavior discussions.

Dick Brooks

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Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 1:10 PM
To: ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: RE: MIME enveloping and Packaging work paper for Thursday


I found the attached document interesting. However I'd like your views on
how you would refer to MIME parts from within a Manifest, for example in XML
Messaging I thought that the Message Manifest in the Message header might
look something like ...

  <DocumentReference Id='AB273' DocumentType='Text/XML'
     Purpose='MessageRoutingInfo' >
  <DocumentReference Id='AB274' DocumentType='Text/XML'
     Purpose='NewInvoice' >
  <DocumentReference Id='AB275' DocumentType='Image/Jpg'
     Purpose='InvoiceAttachment' >

The idea of using a URI is that you could refer to something that was:
1. In the same Message by specifying a URN, or
2. Somewhere on the web, by specifying a URL - if this was an ftp address
then it could be useful for "sending" large files.

You could also then use the URI as the unique identifier of a document after
you had taken the message apart and put the various parts in a file or
database somewhere.

Two questions:
1. how would this work if you wanted to refer to something in the same or
another message
2. You'll also notice that I've made the Manifest 'flat' rather than the
nested Mime-within-Mime that you had in your example. What do you think are
the pros and cons of this?

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.


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From: Dick Brooks [mailto:dick@8760.com]
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 12:06 PM
To: Ebxml
Cc: Dick Brooks
Subject: MIME enveloping and Packaging work paper for Thursday con-call.

The attached file is the work paper Nick and I agreed to produce during the
last con-call. Please review and prepare to discuss during the con-call on


Dick Brooks

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