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Subject: RE: Efficient XML - request for input

>Interesting, but completely understandable.  I am assuming you 
>mean SMIL, not SML - SML is a programming language to the best
>of my knowledge.  Parsing that I have done is always slower on
>data that contains more attributes, CDATA and content, probably
>as a result of the in-memory structures that need to be created
>as these portions are discovered.

SML I am refering to stands for Simple Markup Language, a strict
subset of XML.  SML is XML minus DTD, attribute, CDATA, PI, comment,
mixed-content, and all entity except numeric character entity.  So
its syntax is just text and elements.  A SML document is an element.
Its information model is basically name-value pair: a node has a name
and a value.  a node value may be either a string or a collection of
nodes.  Some XML folks don't SMILe when they hear about SML, but
those of us at SML-DEV like it.  Its insanely simple.

You can find out more at:



Don Park    -   mailto:donpark@docuverse.com
Docuverse   -   http://www.docuverse.com

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