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Subject: RE: Efficient XML - request for input

> >To that end, it seems that more and more people are favoring
> >element-normalization (keep data out of attributes, use attributes
> >(sparingly) for meta-information).  Most new standards are also
> >favoring elements over attributes (XSLT, XSchema, etc.).
	I don't know that comparision of a business-content to 
something like XSchema is rational?
> BTW, sgrep approach also encourages element-normalization.
> One simple technique is to search for "foobar>" to find
> start and end tags quickly even if they are nested.  SML
> is basically sgrep-ready since there are no noise to confuse
> sgrep.

	Are we really talking about a regular-expression approach in 
the same breath as concerns about performance?	


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