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Subject: ebXML TR&P Interoperabiltiy event

Dear Transporters,

I am thinking through what it would take to establish a regular 
interoperability event demonstrating TR&P functionality. Given that we have 
an upcoming meeting in August, it would be good if we had an engineering 
level event where we could work through implementation issues, problems 
etc. This is not going to be a marketing event though we may choose (if the 
participants elect to do so) publicize our findings. My thinking is that, 
in this way, we will not discourage immature implementations from coming 

The goal will be to shake-out bugs in early implementations and improve the 

My expectation is that there will be no need to share code, or hardware to 
accomplish this. So participants who have concerns about IP should expect 
to be able to share a mail-server, a private network and that's about it. 
Hosting of Web servers, development tools etc. etc. will be a private 
matter and implementation specific.

If you feel that wire-level interoperability is an important dimension of 
the ebXML TR&P work - please contact me directly. Thanks in advance.


Nicholas Kassem
Java Software, Sun Microsystems Inc.,

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