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Subject: Re: ebXML TR&P Interoperabiltiy event

At 06:41 AM 6/20/2000 -0400, Christopher Ferris wrote:
>Yes, I think that this would be a good idea. However, it would
>seem to me that it would be necessary to share an example
>business process to prove interoperability, no?

I think we are in agreement but I would rather focus this event on the 
Transport level rather than Business Process level. The initial goal is not 
to demonstrate ebXML as a whole but simply to get TR&P figured out. 
Presumably in the future we will be able to expand the event. I would like 
to walk away from this event with an absolutely clear picture of what we 
mean by wire-level interoperability.  I would also like to make a clear 
distinction between Transport Service Level Agreements and the higher level 
TPA notions. I would vote for clearing up the TSLA notions first, *without* 
getting bogged down in implementation details. I think we have too often 
deep dived in how to implement functionality before we have fully digested 
what it is that we are trying to accomplish. The way in which the arrival 
of an ebXML Message triggers some business logic (that may or may not 
result in an *application* level response message) is an important question 
but it isn't a transport issue. IMO.

The question remains; what do we need to accomplish to demonstrate ebXML 
TR&P level interoperability over potentially unreliable network 
"transports" e.g. HTTP ? I think specifying this will help those who intend 
to implement compatibility test suites. Depending on the level of interest, 
I had assumed there would be some useful discussion off-line. Not sure 
whether the mail lists or web sites have been fixed yet to facilitate this 
discussion ebXML-wide !


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