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Subject: RE: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT or X12qualifiers

Message text written by INTERNET:dick@8760.com
ebXML should be solution for all the above and we cannot mandate the use of
an ebXML specified repository, particularly in the interactive/thin client

I also believe the more we can explicitly and unambiguously define in the
specs the greater our chances for success meeting the interoperability
challenge. I DO recommend that we define a core set of "standard" values
the PartyId/context in order to ensure a "lowest common denominator", PLUS
add an extension capability for those who wish to engage in a mutual
arrangement. I DON'T believe an API for regrep/TA will circumvent the need
to define a standard set of options for PartyId/context, especially in the
case of an interactive/thin client. I DO believe we need an API for
regrep/TA for those implementations that can benefit from having an ebXML
compliant repository available.

Dick - once again my favourite phrase de jour - EXACTLY.

People need to think of the Repository of NOT being some behemoth in the

It's our job over the next few months leading up to Tokyo to show that this
be an extremely light weight and elegant control mechanism.

Notice that if you are transfering across the internet you already have
connectivity - so there really is NO excuse for spending a few extra 10ths
of seconds making sure you have a robust interchange.  This can be
done with nothing more than JavaScript at the client side simplest case.

PLUS - the extra business security you gain is more than worth the effort.

In the old paper world we call ahead to check someones FAX #, and then
when the FAX goes thru, we get a confirmation, and the FAX itself carries
sender/receiver #'s.  

For the transport layer to check into a repository reference to cross-check
is part of the interchange is a sound business practice approach.
We do this right now with HTML with DNS, and other Apache / IIS related 
control/reference mechanisms.

I'm definately looking at implementation mechanisms that are simple and
effective here to meet the business needs you identify.

Of course there will be the 10% of people who want the behemoth solution -
we will support that too.   Have Microsoft said anything about, or have
they been
asked about, supporting ebXML interchange headers in BizTalk BTW?

I'm sure I'll get a chance to ask them at XMLWorld in Boston next month....

Thanks, DW.

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