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Subject: New Reliable Messaging Document

Attached is a new version of the Reliable Messaging Document, incorporating 
comments from last week's F2F and other improvements. Please post your 
comments to the TRP email list. In our telephone call, we can decide how 
long to allow for this next round of comments...

The attached is a "clean" document, in WORD and PDF formats (just for you, 
Chris!). If you are unable to generate a red-line document against the 
previously posted version, contact me for help. There were some shifts in 
sections, so you will see many add/delete marks.

I'm still expecting comments on multi-node networks, if we plan to 
incorporate some reference to this issue in the first draft going out for 
Member review...

Jim Hughes

ebXML Reliable Messaging Specification v0-074.PDF

ebXML Reliable Messaging Specification v0-074.doc

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