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Subject: Conversation Id


	As promised this is the definition of ConversationId that John 
Ibbotson and I came up with;

John's definition.
ConversationId	The instance of the business protocol.

My refinement in discussion with John was
ConversationId	A unique identifier assigned by the initiator of 
			the conversation used to relate all messages in a 
			single conversation.

Conversation	A single instance of a unit of business (IBM TPAML)
Alternate definition
Conversation	A single instantiation of a TPA between parties.

	I agree that the definition in the messaging service specification
at line 475 is incorrect and needs amendment.  Looking back it appears 
to have got confused after Burlington when we renamed some of the 
elements as the definition for MessageSetId in the header spec v0.5 is 
what we should have had for ConversationId.  From that version:
Message Set Id 	This is a globally unique identifier for the Message
			Set. It is a string.
			<EdNote> Guidelines on how to specify globally
			identifiers will be provided.
Which was why John and I called it conversation ID as we felt the IBM 
term conversation was very close to Message Set and hopefully a little 
easier to explain.

	This was of course compounded when we did the merge and removed 
some of the extra words.  Sorry for the confusion.

Ian Jones

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