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Subject: RE: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT or X12qualifiers

Message text written by INTERNET:srh@us.ibm.com
I also completely agree that reg/rep access must be optional to utilize the
TRP layer.
The more loosely coupled parts we have the better chance of general ebXML
considering all of the other related activities in this space.

Folks - you are not all considering the deployment ramifications thru here.

The argument is self-contradicting.  If you want global interoperability
you need consistency.

You cannot have loosy-goosey behaviours.  Now what you may get away 
with is to say the Repository access is REQUIRED in order to support
fully compliant ebXML exchanges that are robust.

So you can have Level 1 compliance, and then down to Level 5, where
you have some lesser functionality.

I would bet good money that Trading Partners using Level 1 software 
are not going to accept Level 5 transactions because of the higher 
risk of fraud and or non-compliant/broken business interchanges and

Level 5 might be good enough to just do local exchanges and to get
someone on to the bottom rung of the ladder.

As with everything in life - there is the right way to do things, and then
there is the half-assed way.

Pay your money - take your choice.  

You are not going to get away from the fact though, that for a certain
level of interchange, RegRep access is going to be required.


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