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Subject: Interim meeting in Dallas (Sep 26-28)

As reported in yesterday's conference call, bTrade.com will host the interim meeting.  The following information is related to logistics for the meeting.
Meeting spaces: Address: 2324 Gateway Drive, Irving,Texas 75063      telephone: (972) 580-2900
1.  Two meeting areas have been set aside for the meeting.  The main meeting area will seat around 30.  The room can be reconfigured for a smaller group.
2.  A small conference room has been set aside for break-out meetings if necessary.  It will seat 10-12.
3.  A computer projector will be available for the meeting.  Also, an overhead projector is available.
1. Cathy Bailey has secured a block of 10 rooms at the Hampton Inn.  The hotel is a 5 minute drive from the meeting venue.  I recommend that those planning on attending contact Cathy directly, based on initial responses too few rooms may have been set aside.  Unless you just want to bother with hotels, I would recommend that you pass your information to Cathy--she is happy to assist.  Her email address is cbailey@btrade.com .  Her telephone number is (972) 580-2914.
2.  For those who want to make their own arrangements.  bTrade.com is located near the juction of SH 114 and SH 161.  The Harvey Hotel where the last meeting was held, and those near it are all a short drive from the meeting.  In Los Calinas, there are a half dozen hotels on Walnut Hill. 
    The meeting site is about 15 minutes drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and about 20 minutes from Dallas Love Field.
For those arriving at DFW: Exit the airport to the north--follow signs to SR114 East (toward Dallas).  Travel east of SR114 until you come to SR161, about 5 miles.  Exit on SR161 and go right at the traffic light.  Turn right at the next traffic light (Gateway Drive).  The building is on the left about 200 yards from the turn.
For those arriving at Love Field: Exit the airport onto Mockingbird Drive, turn right (south).  Continue along Mockingbird until to come to SR183.  Turrn right onto SR183 and travel west.  SR183 and SR114 will split about 3 miles from where you enter SR183.  SR114 will be the right fork.  Continue along SR114 until you come to SR161--exit onto SR161.  Turn left onto SR161 and go to the second traffic light that will be Gateway Drive.  Turn right, the building is on the left about 200 yards from the turn.

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