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Subject: Re: The Overview & Requirements Spec is TOAST ??

Hi David,

I may have missed something here but on first reading I sense a bit of over 
reaction. Is the main issue, that you personally don't have the bandwidth 
or do you basically object to the process. After all we aren't talking 
about a constitutional amendment here - surely there must be a rational way 
of aligning the Requirements (as we talked about doing all along) to the 
reality that we are facing *now*. I had always viewed the requirements as a 
living document - was I mistaken ?


At 12:50 PM 8/29/2000 -0700, David Burdett wrote:
>I don't think I agreed to update the Overview & Requirements spec on the
>Particularly changing the requirements & overview spec at the same time as
>we're changing the messsaging services spec is completely untenable as it
>will lead to inconsistencies, and require a tremendous amount of time to do
>- that I haven't got. It also makes it a meaningless exercise since the
>REQUIREMENTS that are defined are no longer being used as REQUIREMENTS.
>So basically folks, now, my view is that the Overview and Requirements spec
>is TOAST !! We no longer need to refer to it, nor are we using it to:
>1. control the scope of what we do
>2. provide a reference of what we are trying to achieve.
>This also goes completely against all the project management/systems
>development activities I have ever been involved in where you write the
>requirements first then build to them.
>So my conclusion is ...
>Ok, now perhaps I'm putting it a bit strong, but do we really want to build
>a solution without having ANY requirements onm which is based. I think not.
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>From: CTaylorEvans@aol.com [mailto:CTaylorEvans@aol.com]
>Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 6:35 AM
>To: ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org
>Subject: Re: Do we need to revisit the Overview & Requirements document
>At the San Jose meeting David 'volunteered' to be the keeper of the
>requirements document and bring it up to date with all recent discussions.
>Best regards,

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