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Subject: RE: [Fwd: RE: on the issue of PartyId]

Message text written by Scott Hinkelman/Austin/IBM
I think this is simple and supports flexibility, I don't think we need to
impose some type of registry.


Dave,  you really are looking for things to argue about, huh?!!!?

Did we not go all around this several weeks ago?

I'm hearing overtones of that - and the outcome was that
people think of this 'registry' as some behemoth - where in
reality it could be as simple as a XML file in a sub-directory
off a web server somewhere.  So let's not revisit on that!

The current WebDav DASL work I've been doing certainly
allows for that minimalist approach, and RegRep as a whole
is aware of the issues here.

Notice what Scott was advocating - use the URI and no TYPE
as the default - means you don;t even need the registry - but
if you deviate from the path - then you need to tell your
TP's and then it would not be unreasonable to insist this is
done electronically via the registry.

Thanks, DW.

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