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Subject: RE: XAML - What does it mean to us?

I have been quietly lurking in the background of the various ebXML and other newsgroups for some months now, soaking up knowledge when and where it presents itself. I had the opportunity to use that acquired knowledge recently in a gig as Senior Business Analyst at CommerceQuest, and look forward to learning more and using XML in my next work, wherever that may be.
I speak up now, uninvited, to make an observation and to ask a question.
The collaboration and contaminant politicking I see here appeared healthy to me until just a week or two ago. That's when I first began to wonder if a) this group was really a group, and 2) whether a single standard would ever exist, this one or any other. The e-mail discussions regarding this working group's relationship with others, with W3C, indeed with and to the market you intend to serve, seem now distant and disdainful. The comments and work efforts of the various working groups make me wonder if you are all working on the same project. I had...have, great hopes that this group could help bring standards for XML to the workplace.
I see here some of the best minds at the top companies....drifting further from each other, much less a standard.
My question is this...In the light of XAML and other standards efforts underway, is there any desire, any chance, that we (Me and the rest of the working putz's who actually have to model b2b transactions), will see a standard? Will you all agree to work with XAML and other bodies on one form of communication? After all - if there are two versions there is no standard. That leaves us right where we started.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Ed Manley
Momentarily unemployed Business Analyst and Technical Writer
Resume available at http://personal.bhm.bellsouth.net/~edmanley - please pass it on to anyone looking for a good man!
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Bowstreet, HP, IBM, Oracle and Sun Microsystems join forces to create standard for e-business transactions across the Internet.

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