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Subject: RE: XAML - What does it mean to us?

Message text written by Ed Manley
My question is this...In the light of XAML and other standards efforts
underway, is there any desire, any chance, that we (Me and the rest of the
working putz's who actually have to model b2b transactions), will see a
standard? Will you all agree to work with XAML and other bodies on one form
of communication? After all - if there are two versions there is no
standard. That leaves us right where we started.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Ed Manley<



Don;t get me started!  I've consistently been saying that the techie's
here have the commitment and the resolve.

What we see is shortsighted grubbing by executive management 
trying to seize high ground and short term moments.

Bottom line - all the techies are the same players - we're in this to
get the right job done.  Look at W3C XP as an example.  Looks like
to cuts TRP up?  Right - then you see all the same key players in
TRP, XP, SOAP and suddenly a lightbulb comes on.

Frankly I'm sick of executive management NOT standing up and
being counted on forcing all this diverse and distracting shows
(oh we can;t wait for ebXML - so we;ll start XYZ here now).

Take those same resources put to XYZ- apply them to ebXML - 
then you'll get your blasted results.  Do the math - its simple!
More overhead goes into XYZ becuase its not leveraging but
instead blazing its own path.  Its pathetic at one level to see all
this.  UDDI set a precedent that was NOT forced back under
the umbrella - now we see the copycats coming.

Anyway - there is ONE thing that ebXML has that ultimately 
means that ALL this peripheral huff and puff has to come back
to our doors.  They are proprietary - and ebXML is an open
public effort that will result in accredited standards.


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