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Subject: re: XAML

Message text written by Nikola Stojanovic


Bowstreet, HP, IBM, Oracle and Sun Microsystems join forces to create
standard for e-business transactions across the Internet.


Nikola - what is the difference between across the internet, and over
the internet, and via the internet, and around the internet?

So what is this?  Has IBM fallen out with Microsoft over UDDI, and
so now is playing with the 'other' band down the street?

Notice Oracle, Bowstreet and HP now 'in', Ariba and M$ out!?

I guess next week we get UXDL from Oracle, Apple, Sybase, SAP,
WebMethods, IBM and M$ once they've kissed and made up again
agreeing to create a standard for e-business transaction Webservices.


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