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Subject: starting Agenda for Tokyo trp meeting

Agenda for Tokyo - not in any order
	- Next Steps on 0.21d
		o version of 0.21d after approved in tokyo - discussion
		o What is left to be done? - the comments received after our last changes

	- dsig presentation - 1 hour
	- XP (soap) discussion and Background - 2 hours
	- Briefing on TP WG direction and interaction (security) as early as
possible - 1 hour - joint meeting
	- Security sub-team split off to work in parallel during meeting
		o headers stuff done from a trp point of view
		o body stuff done from trp point of view

	- Service Interface sub-team started
	- status on direct TCP support for MHS - 1 hour
	- Reliable Messaging
		o multihop
		o error message of more than one type
		o tpa info alternative

	- Review Architecture Document - return comments
	- Editing final version of MHS spec for approval in friday plenary
	- poc feedback

	- Visit all teams the get final comments/ input on the mhs
	  vo.21d so that we can get it approved in friday plenary.
	- have a scheduled hour each day, summarize stuff for poc attendance.

dinner with anyone on saturday night with those who may attend

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