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Subject: RE: Comments on 0.8 DTDs


1) The first point may be the result of an error in a suggestion I made
during the Tokyo meeting.  Perhaps, that suggestion required changes before
it was accepted?  I apologise if my attempt to correct a prior inconsistency
resulted in a new (hopefully smaller) one.

2) On your first point about appendix B.1, "that value" would be documented
if my proposal (the "Charset and media type recommendations.doc" file) is
accepted.  However, I simply documented what appeared in the examples when
putting that together.  I agree with your general direction and made a few
similar comments in the proposal.

To resolve this point, we should check with the TA team about schema
locations, namespace identifiers, public DTD identifiers and DTD locations.
If they've defined a consistent scheme for generating these identifiers and
locations, we should follow it.  Otherwise, we should come up with something
internally consistent (for example, not put the schema and DTD on different

Side question: Are we using the default namespace of the ebXMLHeader
strictly as a namespace?  Or, is it intended to point to some (yet to be
defined) schema for that element?

3) Yes.


-----Original Message-----
From: Adams, Robert [mailto:robert.adams@intel.com]
Sent: December 5, 2000 10:46
To: 'ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org'
Subject: Comments on 0.8 DTDs

I spent some time validating the DTD in appendix A.1 with the examples at
the end of the 0.8 document.  Here are some of the problems I came up with:

Header DTD: Appendix A.1
Specifies a #FIXED value of "http://ebxml.org/namespaces/messageHeader" when
the text says the value should be
"http://www.ebxml.org/namespaces/messageHeader".  The latter is also what
appears in the later examples.

Example1: Appendix B.1
The DOCTYPE specifies a DTD of "level1-10122000.dtd".  Where did that come
from? It is not specified in the text of the spec.  Since these will be
separate, small XML documents, if they are validated, the validator will
either fetch the DTD from a repository or it will know the DTD.  In either
case, the DTD needs a consistent name.  Since these documents will be
transmitted to anyone validating them, there will be no "base" to use to
fetch this relative DTD name.  So, I'd recommend the DTD should be specified
	<!DOCTYPE ebXMLHeader PUBLIC "-//ebXML//DTD ebXML Header 1.0//EN"
and that this be specified in the text of the document.

Example2: Appendix B.2
The required element "RoutingHeader" is not in the ebXMLHeader element.
Something needs to be added.

	Robert Adams
	MS JF3-212
	2111 NE 25th Ave
	Hillsboro, OR   97124    USA
	phone: +1.503.264.9424; cell: +1.503.709.3259; FAX: +1.503.264.3375

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