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Subject: minutes 14-Dec-2000 TR&P con-call


Dick Brooks
David Burdett
Andrew Eisenberg
Doug Bunting
Chris Ferris
Ralph Berwanger
Prasad Yendluri
Robert Adams
Jerry ... AIAG (sorry, my system crashed with the original minutes...)
Dale Moberg
Maryann Hondo
Rik Drummond
Ian Jones (for less than a minute;-)


Issue 10 - Multiple PartyId
Detail - 
7.9.1   - Recommend changing phrase PartyID element to 'one or more
discussion. unanimous opposition. There will be likely ramifications
with CPA which cannot be addressed. There are other ways of achieving
the same effect (such as mail aliases). 

Vote: not to accept

Maryann joined the call and discussion turned to security.
Specifically, the issues raised in Ralph's email [1] ragarding
a decision needed by TR&P regarding packaging as it relates to 
the ability to persistently sign and/or encrypt the whole message
using MIME-based crypto solutions (S/MIME, PGP/MIME).

There was near unanimous agreement that the packaging would
be preserved, and that our specification would only normatively
address a "profile" of MIME-based crypto for the payload object(s).

The spec will contain a normative "profile(s)" for use of XMLDSIG
to selectively sign the header and/or payload. 

A profiling mechanism will be added to the CPP which will allow
for alternate security schemes as they impact packaging, based on
the work that Dale has started in the TP and Security teams, which
was the basis of our work in the security f2f last week.

There shall be wording added to the specification which identifies
the issues of use of MIME-based crypto functions to sign and/or
encrypt the whole message when one or more intermediary MSHes
are introduced as per a point made by Doug.

Ralph pointed out that our conclusion was basically identical
to what had been discussed and tentatively agreed to in the
security face2face in Cambridge/Burlington.

Andrew raised a good point regarding how MIME-based
signing/encryption effect the Manifest. This needs to
be fully explored for all MIME-based solutions.

See AIs below.

Issue 11 - Version of Header - Purpose to provide future capabilities: should be version of
header document being referenced. Should describe content below that
Proposal - Clarify definition and usage - Someone to suggest wording! 

discussion centered on whether this is still an issue. Doug to review
v0.8 to determine if there is still an issue. Many felt we had already 
addressed this issue.

Issue 12 - Service Interface - Element misname: reference an element as
should be as ServiceInterface as it defined in section 3.3.2 line 430
and in
the XML DTD at line 566.

General consensus that this has already been addressed.
The group affirmed that the element in the Header will be
called 'Service' as had been agreed to in Tokyo.

Issue 13 - Synchronous messaging
brief discussion around Prasad's informal proposal. 
Team agreed to continuing this effort and discussion
on list. Topic will be raised again in next weeks call.

XP folk had to leave the call early as their meeting was
getting started.

We then held a discussion of the extension mechanism
proposals (Robert and Chris) [3]. Merits of each were 
presented and discussed. Agreed to continue discussion on list. 
Issue to be resolved/voted in next week's call.


David to post specific wording for a proposal which can be voted
upon formally in next week's call.

Dick signed on to produce a "profile" for PGP/MIME signing/encryption
of a payload before next call.

Dale to publish revised S/MIME profile before next call.

Chris to publish revised XMLDSIG signing of header and/or payload
before next call.

Team to review and vote on these draft proposals which will be finalized
in the London f2f in January.

Doug to review sect as relates to possible ambiguity
of what is meant by Version attribute in ebXMLHeader.

Ian to send out next list of issues to be considered.

Team to provide Ian with RSVP for attending the London F2F.
Details in Ian's email of last week [2].

[1] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200012/msg00055.html
[2] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200012/msg00062.html
[3] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200012/msg00134.html
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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