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Subject: RE: revised draft of Message Services spec for comments - Flames ;-)


	Thanks for the comments. I will send in the editorial changes as a separate

> >
> >         3.      Lines 69,70 talks about a Security
> Specification. I thought the security
> > stuff would be part of this specification. Is anybody
> developing a separate
> > security specification ?
> See section 12. What is probably needed to be referenced at this point
> is the ta-security appendix to the architecture document which addresses
> security across the various ebXML components. The MS spec will have its
> own section (12, which is still incomplete) detailing the specifics
> of MSH and message-level security protocol and handling.

	FYI, version 0.94b of the TA document has a very samll section on security
(Section 11) and it also refers to this phantom security document ! Lines
1067-1069 TA document 0.94b ! As a general question, is there an initiative
to develop the ebXML security document which the TRP and the TA specs are
referring to ?


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