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Subject: Please use this revised draft of Message Services spec for commen ts


Here's a PDF version of the word file that Chris Sent out. The changes are:
1. All revision marks have been removed
2. I've included a corrected Schema file - Status Data was incorrect.
... and that's all.

Please reference the line numbers in this version when making comments. I
also think it will be helpful if we focus initially on substantive comments
- the typos will be fixed anyway. 

Finally I apologise for the weird bullet marks that my version of Adobe
Acrobat seems to be generating. This will be fixed once I understand what
the problem is


PS I've also included the schema in Appendix A as a text file

-----Original Message-----
From: christopher ferris [mailto:chris.ferris@east.sun.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 2:35 PM
To: ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: revised draft of Message Services spec for comments


David and I have been working on a revision draft of the spec
	- incorporates the changes we have agreed upon:
		- Doug's charset changes
		- Content-Length
		- section numbering/headings
	- incorporates some of the things that have not yet been
	formally agreed upon, but places proposed updates in context
	where they might more readily be appreciated:
		- Chris's manifest proposal
		- extension mechanism proposal (Chris & Robert)
		- flattening of CPAInfo 

Additionally, it includes a new section on Security which is still
a work in progress. 

Finally, David has incorporated the discussion and conclusions
of the Tokyo f2f regardiung reliable messaging into a revised section 
on RM. He has also added a section on MSH Services (Status and PING)
which we collaborated on together. 

The appendicies have been removed since they would only confuse things
at this stage. I have attached a revised XSD, but I think that it still 
has a few flaws, especially as regards StatusData. I just don't have
the right tools to analyze it more carefully, and it is getting late;-)

There may be other changes I haven't listed but just don't recall.
A few grammatical modifications and some style modifications were
made along the way. David, if I've omitted anything, please fill
in the blanks in my memory.

Anyway, we wanted to get this out there for review and comment. We
hope to have this serve as something we can work with now until
the London f2f next year. We recognize that it is still a bit rough
in places, but we felt it better to get something written now than to
to cram it all in in less than a week in London.

For now, PLEASE don't edit this. Turn line numbering on and report
comments by line number and version (0.9 for starters). Or, you can
edit it and send in a small section with the suggested edits, preferably
with change tracking enabled.

So, let the flames begin!



ebXML Message Service Schema version 0.9.xsd

ebXML Message Service Spec Version 0.9.pdf

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