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Subject: FW: Keynotes, panels, workshops at XML DevCon Spring 2001 (New York,April 8-11)

Lots of ebXML, SOAP and XP content..... This could make for a very interesting show. I certainly hope the ebXML marketing machine is out in force and winning mind share.
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Subject: Keynotes, panels, workshops at XML DevCon Spring 2001 (New York, April 8-11)
Importance: High

Program Announced for XML DevCon Spring 2001 (April 8-11, New York City)

XML DevCon Spring 2001 will feature 21 pre-conference tutorials and six tracks of classes, workshops, and panel discussions. Highlights of the program include keynote presentations by Tim Bray, Norbert Mikula, and Mark Colan, panel discussions and best practices workshops, and three days of classes for developers interested in XML APIs, specifications, and related technologies such as middleware, databases, and Java.

The program begins on April 8 with 21 pre-conference tutorials. The agenda for April 9-11 includes 96 classes, workshops, and panel discussions organized in six tracks ("Developer Techniques", "Java and Scripting", "Applied XML, EAI, eBiz", "Wireless and Messaging", "Servers and Middleware", and "Query, Schema, Database").
Panel discussions and workshops include:
  • "Web Services, ebXML, UDDI, & Trading Partner Agreements" with James Tauber, Mark Colan, and David Turner, moderated by Justin Kestelyn
  • "The Importance of XML" with Tim Bray, Norbert Mikula, David Orchard, and Jon Udell, moderated by Ken North
  • "eBusiness Problems and Solutions" (Bruce Peat, David RR Webber, Benoît Marchal)
  • "XML Query" (Paul Cotton, Peter Fankhauser, Jonathan Robie, Michael Rys, Jérôme Siméon)
  • "Stylesheets and Transformations: Best Practices" (Kurt Cagle, Bob DuCharme, David Marston, Steve Muench)

You can register for the complete conference package, or register separately for half-day and full-day tutorials on April 8. Topics include:

Business Applications with XML (David RR Webber)
XML Schema: Best Practices (Roger Costello)
The W3C XML Query Language (Jonathan Robie)
XML Concepts and Syntax for Programmers (B. Tommie Usdin)
XML and Java APIs (Dr. Frank Coyle)
Getting Started with XML (Tim McAllister)
Modeling XML Schemas with UML (Dr. David Carlson)
Introduction to XML (Dr. David Booth)
Building a Web Site with XML and Open Source Tools (Matthew Sergeant)
Using XML in Data Warehousing (Michael Wacey)
Java APIs and Tools for B2B and ebXML (Karen Shipe)
Web Services and UDDI Programming in Java (Doug Tidwell)
Driving New Economy Business Paradigms (Dick Brooks)
Developing New Applications with VoiceXML (Jonathan Taylor)
DTDs: The Nuts and Bolts (Dr. Susan Schriebman)
XML Meets Middleware (Max Dolgicer)
DBMS Magic: The Java- and XML-enabled Database (Ken North)
Creating a Web Site Using Design Patterns and XSLT (Anthony Mayo)
Component-Based Application Revolution (Parand Darugar)
XML Icebreaker (Lisa Rein)
XML as the Cornerstone of Internet Application Development (Dr. Victor Rasputnis, Anatole Tartakovsky)
The conference tracks running from April 9-11 include these topics:
XML Protocol and HTTP Messaging (David Orchard)
Understanding SOAP (Gerhard Bayer)
SOAP Programming with Java (Andrew Hately)
Advanced SOAP Programming (Brian Loesgen)
The Rise of Vertical Industry Messaging Standards (Ron Kleinman)
Combining RDF and XPath to Automate Web Services (Uche Ogbuji)
XML/RPC as a Framework for Wireless Java (Kristopher Tyra)
BXXP: XML-Based Protocol Framework (Kristopher Magnusson)
Integration Services, Wireless, and Databases (Geoff Brown)
21st Century XML Servers (Didier PH Martin)
XML, Java and CORBA as a Distribution Mechanism (Dr. Tushar Hazra)
B2B Infrastructure: RosettaNet, UDDI, ebXML (Krishna Sankar)
Financial Industry B2B Messaging Standards (Robert Casarik)
eBusiness Workshop (Bruce Peat, David RR Webber, Benoît Marchal)
Direct Materials B2B Exchanges (JP Morgenthal)
UDDI Programming Workshop (Dan Rogers)
M-Commerce Models (Dave Birch)
Examining BizTalk (Brian Loesgen)
XML in the Future of Portals (Dr. Tushar Hazra)
Soup to Nuts Electronic Business (Laura Walker)
ebXML & JAXM: eCommerce and Java (Karen Shipe)
e-Business Initiatives and ebXML Infrastructure (Duane Nickull)
Web Services and UDDI (James Tauber)
eBusiness, Application Integration, and XML Servers (Dr. David Booth)
BizTalk: The Rising Star of B2B Integration? (Gerhard Bayer)
Using XML in EDI Applications (Frank Boumphrey)
Web Services, ebXML, UDDI Panel (James Tauber, Mark Colan)
XML+EAI = XAI (JP Morgenthal)
Building eMarketplaces using XML and Java (Ajit Sagar)
XML and EDI: A Parallel Universe (Michael Abbott)
e-Business Integration Roundup (Beth Gold-Bernstein)
B2B eXchanges (Geoff Brown)
Extending XSL to Support Legacy Formats (Benoît Marchal)
Repurpose Your Data with XSL (Mark Colan)
Patterns in XSLT Development (Kurt Cagle)
XSLT Translation using Xbeans (Bruce Martin)
Integrating Internet Applications Using XML and XSL (Bernd Rintelmann)
Stylesheets and Transformations: Best Practices Workshop (Bob Ducharme, Kurt Cagle, David Marston, Steve Muench)
What's Wrong with DTDs and What's Being Done About It (Bob DuCharme)
APIs for XML Schema (Martin Gudgin)
Type Systems and Schema Conversions (David Orchard)
XML + XSD = XML 2.0 (Lee Buck)
Building Schemas for HL7 and Application Standards (Wes Rischel)
Schema Modeling with UML (Kevin Kelly)
Introduction to RELAX (Simon St. Laurent)
Querying XML Documents (Paul Cotton)
Secrets of the XML Search Gurus (Howard Katz)
Serializing Query Results in XML (Dr. Michael Rys)
XML/Java Data Binding (Greg Messner)
Types and Data Formats: DTDs, Schema, Schematron (Dr. Alexander Nakhimovsky)
Digital Pattern Matching and XML Searching (Linda Grimaldi)
XML Search Today (Dan Egnor)
Providing a Relational View over XML (Dr. Michael Rys)
KweeIt: Open Source Java Framework to Query XML (Arnaud Sahuguet)
XML Query Workshop (Paul Cotton, Peter Fankhauser, Jonathan Robie, Michael Rys, Jérôme Siméon)
SQLX: Bringing XML and SQL Together (Jim Melton)
Using the SQL Outer Join with XML (Michael David)
Building XML Applications for the Oracle Platform (Steve Muench)
XML, OLAP, and Data Mining (Bill Baker)
Rejuvenating Legacy Data (Dick Beck)
Mapping DTDs to Databases (Ron Bourret)
Understanding ADO.NET (Mike Pizzo)
Indexing and Extending Databases for XML (Dr. Susan Malaika)
Using XML with Java Server Pages (Alex Chaffee)
XML and Java (Alex Chaffee)
JNDI: It's All in Context (Russell Castagnaro)
Making it happen with J2EE (Russell Castagnaro)
Leveraging the Power of XML and Java (Gerry Seidman)
A Detailed Look at Java Application Servers (Max Dolgicer)
Content Delivery with Java, XML, and WAP (Alex Chaffee)
Using DOM 2, SAX 2 and JAXP 1.1 (Dr. Alexander Nakhimovsky)
The Key to Effective Content Management (Gavin Nichol)
Hows and Whys of XML Specifications (David Orchard)
DOM 2 and 3 (Mark Volkmann)
Mastering XPath (Aaron Skonnard)
Digitally Signing and Encrypting Documents (Doug Tidwell)
XHTML (Ann Navarro)
Introduction to RDF (Dr. Jonathan Borden)
Strategies for Data Compression (John Evdemon)
VoiceXML and Interactive Voice Portals (Hitesh Kr. Seth)
XHTML: XML for Client-Side Authors (Molly Holzschlag)
Defining Component Interfaces with XML (Marc Delbaere)
Distributed Objects and XML (Henry Balen)
Implementing Scalar Vector Graphics (John Evdemon)
Getting Inside SVG (Michael Bierman)
XML in Healthcare (Dr. Jonathan Borden)
XML Processing with Python (Mike Olson)
XLink and XPointer (Eve Maler)
Topic Maps, Portals, and Information Management (Norbert Mikula)
Working with XML for Multi-browser Environments (Simon St. Laurent)
SMIL, Multimedia, and Client-Side Programming (Dr. Vijay Kanabar)
Lycos Multi-Tier XML Architecture (Frank Leahy)
Interface Development with XUL (Shelley Powers)
HR-XML: Nothing to 1.0 in a Year (Alan Sproat)
Scripting Languages and XML (Dr. Piroz Mosheni)
Providing XML for Your Website (Mark Gross)

XML DevCon Spring 2001
Where:         Marriott Marquis, New York City
When:          April 8-11, 2001
More info:    http://www.xmldevcon2001.com

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