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Subject: Edira news

 <<Tr: EDIRA newsletter>> 

TO        : The current and potential EDIRA Members
DATE    : January 6th, 2001
We would like to inform you that, within the framework of the Strategic
Alliance Agreement , Dr Otto MUELLER and Mr Alain THIENOT, respectively
EDIRA Chairman and Vice Chairman, Attended the ECCMA's (Electronic ommerce
Code Management Association) Membership Conference which was held in
December 2000 in San Diego.
Please find attached copy of the Newsletter and of the Three presentations
made during the above mentioned conference.
Other information on EDIRA are available on: http://www.edira.org
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you need any further
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. We relain,
Yours sincerely
Andre Mesropian 
EDIRA Executive Director
Tel./Fax.: 33-1-60 23 05 04
Email: amesropi@club-internet.fr <mailto:amesropi@club-internet.fr> 

EDIRA recent activities.doc

The Basic Issue.ppt

edira SD1.ppt

yellow pages.ppt

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