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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: Transport Service definition

I apologize if this is out of scope, but I heard from a colleague here at
XMLGlobal that the need for a ebxml trp service binding format was
discussed recently by some members of the list.

I would like to direct your attention to WSDL.  All of the examples you
see in the WSDL 1.1 spec use SOAP as the transport, but does not mandate
that SOAP be used.  It is possible, using namespaces, to include TRP
specific information in a WSDL document, and there are provisions in the
spec for multipart/mime.  I have attached a sample WSDL file which depicts
a very simple "PhoneBook" application which could be run over TRP.  I have
not developed an example using MIME, but that may be a possibility as

If anyone is interested in co-authoring a proposal for a WSDL derived
service binding format for ebXML, please contact me.

Matthew MacKenzie
VP Research & Development
XML Global Technologies, Inc.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitiions name="PhoneBook"

	<schema targetNamespace="http://sample.xmlglobal.com/ns/PhoneBook.xsd"
		<element name="PhoneBookRequest">
					<element name="personName" type="string" />
		<element name="PhoneBookResponse">
					<element name="telephoneNumber" type="string" />

<message name="GetPhoneNumberInput">
	<part name="body" element="tas:PhoneBookRequest" />

<message name="GetPhoneNumberOutput">
	<part name="body" element="tas:PhoneBookResponse" />

<portType name="PhoneBookPortType">
	<operation name="GetPhoneNumber">
		<input message="phoneapp:GetPhoneNumberInput" />
		<output message="phoneapp:GetPhoneNumberOutput" />

<binding name="PhoneBookBinding" type="phoneapp:PhoneBookPortType">
	<operation name="GetPhoneNumber">
			<trp:payload-input number="0" serviceInterface="PhoneBook" action="getPhoneNumber" />
			<trp:payload-output number="0" /> 
<service name="PhoneBookService">
	<documentation>Use this service to get a phone number using ebXML.</documentation>
	<port name="PhoneBookPort" binding="phoneapp:PhoneBookBinding">
		<trp:cpa uri="http://sample.xmlglobal.com/processes/PhoneBook.cpa" />


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