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Subject: Re: Content-ID

I could see the Envelope Content-ID as carrying the same value as
the MessageId element in the ebXMLHeader document as having some
merit. I would think that having both but with different values
would be confusing at best, and could possibly lead to more
serious problems.

Since there is nothing to prevent the Content-ID header from 
being present, it may make sense to tackle this issue next week.



Michael Joya wrote:
>     Saikat Saha writes, "As per ebXML TRP 0.92, we do not have any Content-ID
> for the message envelope as such although we have Content-ID for Header
> envelope as well as for the Payload envelope." He then asks, "Don't we need
> Content-Id for the entire message?"
>     It should be satisfactory to identify a message using the MessageID
> element located in the EbxmlHeader. That id alone should distinguish one ebxml
> message from the universe of other ebxml messages. If you included Content-Id
> in the Message envelope, you would be identifying a single instance of
> multipart/related content. This may have merits on its own account, but
> I don't see how it would contribute to the ebxml message protocol.
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