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Subject: Re: Content-ID

> I could see the Envelope Content-ID as carrying the same value as
> the MessageId element in the ebXMLHeader document as having some
> merit. I would think that having both but with different values
> would be confusing at best, and could possibly lead to more
> serious problems.
> Since there is nothing to prevent the Content-ID header from
> being present, it may make sense to tackle this issue next week.

Yeah, the current spec is broke and/or misleading in how it talks about
other headers.

I see no reason to have different ID's in the ebXMLHEader document and
the MIME bodypart header.  I cannot see a reason for the MIME bodypart
to duplicate what's in the bodypart text.  What part of an MSH would
split up the bodyparts (ebxmlheader and payload) and then need to tie
them back together?

(This is different from the Content-ID in the payload, of course, since
we place no constraints on the payload, but do have the requirement that
the ebxmlHeader document be able to refer to the payload.)

Now, having said all that, if someone can really explain that they need
a Content-ID header in the ebxmlheader MIME headers, then I'd add
	The Content-ID, if present, MUST have the same value as the documetn ID
in the ebXMLHeader document.

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