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Subject: RE: minutes 08-feb-2001 TR&P weekly con-call

bob sutor believes the ip issue with soap is solvable.. and will shortly be
solved. that is why he is pushing for a soap binding for ebxml trp... rik

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From: cferris@xtacy.East.Sun.COM [mailto:cferris@xtacy.East.Sun.COM]On
Behalf Of christopher ferris
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 1:11 PM
To: ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: minutes 08-feb-2001 TR&P weekly con-call


Sam Saha
David Fischer
David Burdett
Glen Thomson
Nikola Stojanovic
Prasad Yendluri
Rich Salz
Chris Ferris
Henry Lowe
Robert Adams
Ian Jones
Doug Bunting
possibly others


Proposed agenda for Vancouver f2f meeting:

1 hour  - discussion of SOAP and TR&P
	- steering committee for IPR issues discussion
1 day 	- reliable messaging - may need 1/2 day subteam effort
	to edit/incorporate any necessary changes
1/2 day	- synchronous messaging HTTP binding
1/2 day	- remaining technical issues in Ian's list
2 hours	- joint TP/TR&P meeting to discuss elements/attributes
	alignment issues
2 hours	- error handling review
2 hours	- binding HTTP and SMTP
2 hours	- BP/TR&P subteam to discuss signals/delivery receipts
	and other grey area alignment issues - David

Chris to try to send out revised RM section by tomorrow
a.m. EST for consideration in Vancouver. Basically it
is re-organized and trimmed version of David's proposal
(in v0.92) which incorporates the items discussed in the
preceeding con-calls (remove multi-hop w/o intermediary
acks, remove delivery receipt aspect, black-box nature
of what happens beyond the first receiving MSH, etc.) as
well as some tightening of the descriptive text, removed
redundant descriptions... This draft proposal includes
change tracking from v0.93 draft.

Continuing lengthy discussion of reliable messaging and
relationship to multi-hop, synchronous messaging
and firewall issues.

David to post v0.93 with and without change tracking
visible, as PDF today.

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