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Subject: RE: Manifest Element - Where located? - 2


	Here is the corrected version of the text I just e-mailed.  Hit send
before running the spell check sorry!

	I am concerned about having "real" payload in the body as we then
have inconsistent handling of payloads.  So, if you have one XML message you
COULD put it in the body provided you do not need any special characters
etc. BUT if you need special characters or more than one message what do you
do? Put them all in attachments, put the first in the body, etc.  IMHO we
should Keep It Simple, all payloads in the attachments as they are not for
the MSH it just needs to pass them on and leave all the MESH "stuff" in the
SOAP header and body as needed.

Ian Jones

Ian Jones
Email: ian.c.jones@bt.com  

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