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Subject: IMPORTANT Conference Call for Monday

A conference call has been scheduled for Monday, April 16, to perform a
final pass through the ebXML Messaging Service Specification comment
list.  We must have final resolution on all issues during this call.
Tomorrow (Good Friday), we will post a listing of all comments to the
listserv.  This document contains all comments received and the proposed
action that will be taken against each item.  We are asking that the TRP
members review the list and be prepared to address any items that need
disposition different than the one proposed.  Please take note:  many of
the comments received were provided in the form of a query.  There was
no suggested change to the spec.  We could not respond in length to
these queries.  We did not discount the importance of the comments, only
acknowledged that the timeline that we are operating under did not allow
us the luxury of responding.  

Those that have reviewed the comments wish to thank the comment
submitters.  It was obvious from the comments that many of you provided
close scrutiny to the document contents.  Your comments were fundamental
in providing a more superior document.

Colleen Evans (Progress/Sonic  Software) is providing the conference
call services for Monday.  The call-in information follows:
	Time:  10:00 am - 12:00 pm central daylight savings time (US)
	Lines: 20 
	Domestic US: 888-447-1006
	International: 303-248-1415

Ralph Berwanger 
Ambassador to Standards 

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