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Subject: Re: IMPORTANT Conference Call for Monday

Ralph or Colleen,

Will a call identifier be necessary on Monday?


--- Ralph Berwanger <rberwanger@bTrade.com> wrote:
> A conference call has been scheduled for Monday, April 16, to perform
> a
> final pass through the ebXML Messaging Service Specification comment
> list.  We must have final resolution on all issues during this call.
> Tomorrow (Good Friday), we will post a listing of all comments to the
> listserv.  This document contains all comments received and the
> proposed
> action that will be taken against each item.  We are asking that the
> members review the list and be prepared to address any items that
> need
> disposition different than the one proposed.  Please take note:  many
> of
> the comments received were provided in the form of a query.  There
> was
> no suggested change to the spec.  We could not respond in length to
> these queries.  We did not discount the importance of the comments,
> only
> acknowledged that the timeline that we are operating under did not
> allow
> us the luxury of responding.  
> Those that have reviewed the comments wish to thank the comment
> submitters.  It was obvious from the comments that many of you
> provided
> close scrutiny to the document contents.  Your comments were
> fundamental
> in providing a more superior document.
> Colleen Evans (Progress/Sonic  Software) is providing the conference
> call services for Monday.  The call-in information follows:
> 	Time:  10:00 am - 12:00 pm central daylight savings time (US)
> 	Lines: 20 
> 	Domestic US: 888-447-1006
> 	International: 303-248-1415
> Ralph Berwanger 
> Ambassador to Standards 
> bTrade.com 
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