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ebxml message

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Subject: RE: ebXML Procedures

Hello Klaus,

	> Some clarification.  The main file to read is the html
version.  I added 
	> the xml source file for those who are users of xml and docbook
as an 
	> FYI.  Now to the IE5 error, which I am aware of.

you could remove the processing instruction from the XML Sources, then
IE will be able to display the XML Tree, which is in case of Docbook
quite interesting to navigate.

This will remove the problem of hard wired local path for external
subsets and templates, too.

I second the concept of producing all official papers in a XML format.
Just to demonstrate the power of this concept...

Bernd Eckenfels
SEEBURGER AG, Ruiter Str. 2, D-75015 Bretten, Germany
SEEBURGER elecronic commerce GmbH & Co.KG - SEEBURGER EDI*CASH
Fax: +49 (0)7252 9358-33 - Fon: +49 (0)7252 9358-256 -

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