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Subject: Docbook resources

I'd be happy to answer Docbook questions in Orlando, but fortunately
Norm Walsh has done a great job in packaging Docbook as a true SGML
application (with XML version).  Here's where to look online:


  The official home page at OASIS.


  The home page for DocBook: The Definitive Guide, which it
	really is; it's the official documentation.


  Norm's page for the XML version (which will become official
	in a future version)

Now if you want to produce HTML from the XML version, that's
a bit more challenging, but mostly along the lines of getting
your pathnames and catalog files all lined up:


  Norm's page for his XSLT style sheets, which work real well
	and allow output of HTML.


  James Clark's page for his XSL processor XT; you need this
	or something equivalent to run the Norm's style sheets
	and get output.


  James Clark's page for his XML parser, which is needed to 
	support XT (unless you have another parser with the
	right features)

As for myself, the only time I used IE 5.0 it hung and subsequent
recovery operations trashed my machine, so I don't know how well
Docbook XML works in browsers.  I've done the OASIS Regrep spec
in Docbook and converted to HTML for publication using Norm's
style sheets.

regards, Terry Allen

Terry Allen                             
Advanced Technology Group               
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.

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