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Subject: XML Framework Inventory

Dear ebXML participants,

I like to ask for your help in me creating a "XML Framework Inventory". It 
will help us in knowing what work is done by whom and how it may relate to 
our work. Further, it will help the executive committee in the task to 
ensure all XML players are aware of our work, and invited.

If you know of any such work, or are part of such work, please send me a 
quick email with the following information:

* Standards body (if any)
* Sponsor company(s), industry groups, etc.
* Web site (contents, downloads, etc.)
* Current industry involvement
* Current members
* Current document types
* Access to documents (how do they get posted, approved, disseminated, etc.)
* Current Schema type (DTD, XDR, etc.) and migration plans if any
* Current implementations/Market penetration
* Timeline - Where are they and where are they going?
* Technical overview of the document structure, protocol, work flow attributes

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