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Subject: Re: XML Framework Inventory

Hi Klaus-Dieter,
To partially answer your question, attached is an XML overview I wrote
(Microsoft Word in Winzip), which contains a list of the XML-related
activities that I find relevant, along with their URLs. It may also
serve as a light tutorial for some list members. 
This is extracted from a larger document, so it may appear incomplete
(e.g., no Table 1), and some of the formatting (bullet marks) seem to
have not survived the cut/paste. Any corrections or updates to the
technical content of the attachment would be appreciated.

It is not possible even to list absolutely all XML activites, but I
think Robin Cover's XML web site comes the closest:

Kit Lueder,

Klaus-Dieter Naujok wrote:
> Dear ebXML participants,
> I like to ask for your help in me creating a "XML Framework Inventory". It
> will help us in knowing what work is done by whom and how it may relate to
> our work. Further, it will help the executive committee in the task to
> ensure all XML players are aware of our work, and invited.
> If you know of any such work, or are part of such work, please send me a
> quick email with the following information:
> * Standards body (if any)
> * Sponsor company(s), industry groups, etc.
> * Web site (contents, downloads, etc.)
> * Current industry involvement
> * Current members
> * Current document types
> * Access to documents (how do they get posted, approved, disseminated, etc.)
> * Current Schema type (DTD, XDR, etc.) and migration plans if any
> * Current implementations/Market penetration
> * Timeline - Where are they and where are they going?
> * Technical overview of the document structure, protocol, work flow attributes

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Worse than an unanswered question is an unquestioned answer.


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