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Subject: Re: XML Framework Inventory

Dear Klaus-Dieter Naujok:

I would like to offer my company's (BrainStorm Group) assistance by
providing a forum for furthering the ebXML effort.  We are the producers of
the XMLeadership Series - an executive level conference series which
focuses on XML enabled e-Business solutions.  We would be happy to host an
ebXML meeting during our events - in order to facilitate networking and
information sharing within the XML community.   

Since several of our speakers/advisory board members (i.e. Laura Walker,
Rik Drummond, etc.) are on the ebXML Steering Committee, and our event
brings together end users, solution providers, analyst groups,
associations, etc. - I thought it might make a nice backdrop for such a
meeting.  Please let me know if your interested in taking advantage of
this, since our Orlando event (April 3-5) is approx. 6 weeks away.       

At 03:41 PM 2/13/00 -0800, Klaus-Dieter Naujok wrote:
>Dear ebXML participants,
>I like to ask for your help in me creating a "XML Framework Inventory". It 
>will help us in knowing what work is done by whom and how it may relate to 
>our work. Further, it will help the executive committee in the task to 
>ensure all XML players are aware of our work, and invited.
>If you know of any such work, or are part of such work, please send me a 
>quick email with the following information:
>* Standards body (if any)
>* Sponsor company(s), industry groups, etc.
>* Web site (contents, downloads, etc.)
>* Current industry involvement
>* Current members
>* Current document types
>* Access to documents (how do they get posted, approved, disseminated, etc.)
>* Current Schema type (DTD, XDR, etc.) and migration plans if any
>* Current implementations/Market penetration
>* Timeline - Where are they and where are they going?
>* Technical overview of the document structure, protocol, work flow attributes

Best regards,

Gregg V. Rock			508-393-3266 phone
President				508-393-8845 fax
BrainStorm Group, Inc.		www.brainstorm-group.com

Producers of:	SMARTsourcing Conference & Expo Series
		XMLeadership Conference & Expo Series
		e-Business Strategy Conference Series

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