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ebxml message

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Subject: Re: flood of empty messages

I got them too.

There was a mail today from Sutor..was that regarding this empty mail
flooding ?

Hope it gets fixed soon.

I've recently ( 4 days, to be precise) joined the mailing list.

Could someone provide me with links and references of the past activities (
especially eb-Arch, eb-xml, eb-bp).
 Am finding it a bit hard to catch-up with the discussions.

thanx and regards,
(Connect to me at : 91-80-2244056 extn 309.)

IBM India,
The Presidency,
No1, St Marks Road,
Bangalore - 560017.

"Kit (Christopher) Lueder" <kit@mitre.org> on 02/15/2000 12:24:06 AM

To:   ebxml <ebxml@lists.oasis-open.org>, ebxml-requirements
cc:    (bcc: Selvakumar Ganesan/India/IBM)
Subject:  flood of empty messages

Is anyone else being flooded by many dozens of empty messages from
owner-ebxml@lists.oasis-open.org ? It is very annoying. I haven't
received any messages from ebxml lists with valid content in the last
few days.
Kit Lueder.

    _/    _/             Kit C. J. Lueder
   _/   _/         _/   The MITRE Corp.         Tel:  703-883-5205
  _/_/_/    _/  _/_/_/ 1820 Dolley Madison Bl  Cell: 703-577-2463
 _/   _/   _/    _/   Mailstop W658           FAX:  703-883-3383
_/    _/  _/    _/   McLean, VA 22102        Mail: kit@mitre.org
Worse than an unanswered question is an unquestioned answer.

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