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Subject: Re: flood of empty messages

At 11:12 PM 2/14/00 , selvakumar@in.ibm.com wrote:

>I've recently ( 4 days, to be precise) joined the mailing list.
>Could someone provide me with links and references of the past activities (
>especially eb-Arch, eb-xml, eb-bp).
>  Am finding it a bit hard to catch-up with the discussions.
>thanx and regards,
>(Connect to me at : 91-80-2244056 extn 309.)
>IBM India,
>The Presidency,
>No1, St Marks Road,
>Bangalore - 560017.

When this list was originally set up I suggested that we needed a web archive
so that people who joined later could catch up on the discussions
and to make it easier to follow threads, etc.
I suggest that it is time to reconsider that idea.
HyperMail is free and relatively easy to install.

-John McCarthy
John L. McCarthy            Email: JLMcCarthy@lbl.gov
Building 50C -- 3318          Web: 
Berkeley National Lab       Phone: (510) 486-5307
Berkeley Calif. 94720         FAX: (510) 486-4004

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