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Subject: Re: revised TA messaging services (sect 11)

Chris, thanks for revising the current draft. Your comments look OK to me.
Just 3 things:

<Issue 1 - page:2>
I wouldn't take out the Note about Publish/Subcribe.
</Issue 1>

<Issue 2 - page:2>
"Once and only once" delivery

<current draft - page:2>
At most once delivery of data
</current draft - page:2>

Is this something new? Current MS 0.21 is still "AtMostOnce".
</Issue 2>

<Issue 3>
I would live graphics 11.2 and 11.3 as they are in the current draft. I
agree to take out checkboxes (as you suggest). I noticed that we should have
"Partner Agreement Enforcement" instead of "Trading Partner Agreement
</Issue 3>


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