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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: RE: draft of press reease

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000 22:53:50 -0800, Bob Glushko wrote:

>We discussed this at the TMWG meeting today in London (run by Klaus and
>attended by at least half a dozen active ebxml members including 2 project
>People generally agreed with my concerns that "Create" by itself is a
>dangerous overreach, but they also thought that enable was a little wimpy
>compared to create.   The compromise we recommend is "creating a single
>foundation for the global electronic market"


You are correct in recalling yesterdays discussion.  However, I must inform you that the discussions 
have continued since you left.  It started last night during dinner, and is continuing as we review the 
activities of ebXML.  I outlined this morning the reasons for the marketing group in selecting the tag 
line and the reasons why the executive committee supported it. In all fairness, TMWG will come to a 
final decision on Friday when we will review and approve all recommendations including the one in regard 
to the tagline.

Let me recall why the tag line was chosen by the Marketing Project Team. The tag line reflects perfectly 
UN/CEFACT's reasons for initiating the ebXML effort.  There is firm belief that the ebXML effort will 
result in technical specifications that will create a single electronic market via interoperable 
implementations.  In other words, to the user, because of interoperability (via ebXML) he/she will have 
access to a virtual (single) market. This belief is supported by TMWG in its effort to work towards more 
than an empty framework that is allowing everyone to do everything.  To ensure interoperability, TMWG 
firmly believes that ebXML's framework must be based on business process models utilizing a single 
methodology and core components. Further, because of this, any ebXML compliant implementation will 
result in removing barriers among proprietary implementations that currently are the reasons for 
diversity across many markets.

>As these things go, I am supposed to draft a recommendation for TMWG to send
>through channels, but I am about to get on a plane home and that would take
>too long anyway.

Bob, I not sure what you are saying here.  Does it mean you are not going to supply TMWG with the 
resolution you want them to review and approve on Friday?  Please clarify.

In regard to the current issue raised by Bob G., having read the press release, may I suggest that we 
change the words in the press release from "The ebXML Initiative to 'Create a Single Global Electronic 
Market',..." with "The ebXML Initiative to 'Create a Single Global XML solution'...".  In regard to the 
tag line, taking into account Bob's concern I will ask the executive committee to review the decision at 
our next conference call next week.



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