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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: ebXML - Notes from Klaus's presentation

Dear all,

After two weeks - and only thanks to William Kammerer who explained me how
to subscribe without using the form -  I finaly achieved to get on this
list.  Thanks a lot William.  

I promised to post my notes from Klaus's presentation in Brussels (see
attached word file).  The idea is to create a standard presentation +
speaker notes.  I don't know who is taking care of this "standardised"
presentation but if I remember correctly there were also other presentations
we could use apart from  Klaus's.   Anyway, as discussed in Brussels, it
would be useful to have one standard presentation with three different
'introductions' if you like, depending on the audienc you are adressing : 
*	a presentation for EDI 'literate' people with an intro giving some
background info on XML (that is how Klaus starts his presentation)
*	a different intro with some slides on EDI in case you are addresing
XML 'literate' people (apparently Klaus has some slides introducing EDI
which we could use)
*	a different intro for a 'General Management' type of public (doesn't
exist yet ?)
In addition, I suggest to summarize again at the end of the presentation why
ebXML is crucial for the success of XML and E-commerce in general. I.e. to
repeat once more the "key message" you want your public to take home.  I'm
new to the subject so forgive me if I'm wrong, but for me the key message
was :  
***ebXML - is the ONLY initiative which guarantees a "global' solution /
solution accessible for SME's (shrink wrapped in software)...
***ebXML - builds on the best of breed : (over 20 years of EDI knowledge -
"BUSINESS" knowledge (UN/CEFACT) + XML expertise (OASIS)) 

***Without ebXML - end up with plethora of XML dialects which don't

That's all.  

Kind regards,
Annie Vanooteghem

 <<Klaus 1.doc>> 

Horizon Business Park - Building 2 - Box 13
Leuvensesteenweg 510 - 1930 Zaventem - Belgium
Tel: 	+32.2.717.93.90 
Fax: 	+32.2.721.54.00 
Web: 	http://www.cmass.be

Klaus 1.doc

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