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Subject: Re: Urgent - Need review of presentation abstract by COB Monday

Good job Alan. My vote is to go with this.


> Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 20:22:16 -0400 (EDT)
> From: AlanKotok@cs.com
> Subject: Re: Urgent - Need review of presentation abstract by COB Monday
> To: Simon.Nicholson@eng.sun.com, ebxml-awareness@lists.ebxml.org
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> Simon, et al
> Good job.  Your abstract -- and I assume the presentation it represents -- 
> touches all the right points.  I did a little editing to add a lead sentence, 
> break up into paragraphs for easier reading, and use a little more active 
> rather than passive voice, but keep your ideas intact.  See below; keep or 
> toss as you wish.  Best regards.
> Alan Kotok
> AlanKotok@cs.com
> http://myfreeoffice.com/techjournalist/
> p.s. Internet is a formal name and thus capitalized (or capitalised if you 
> prefer ....)
> =================
> ebXML: The new language of electronic business
> The Electronic Business XML or ebXML initiative combines the best of the new 
> Web technology with previous experience of electronic transactions, and 
> promises to extend the benefits of business data exchange to companies of all 
> sizes anywhere in the world.
> Over the last 25 years most of the world's larger enterprises have exchanged 
> electronic transactions with their customers and suppliers in volumes that 
> today are measured in billions of dollars. However, only those organisations 
> with the deepest pockets and large support resources could afford the 
> development, software, and networks needed to make it work. Now, with the 
> availability of the Internet, organisations worldwide and in all sizes are 
> looking to do business electronically with each other, in ways which remove 
> dependencies on their trading partners and specific technology vendors. 
> The last year has seen an explosion in initiatives to provide the 
> infrastructure that enables small, medium and large organisations to conduct 
> business electronically using the Internet. Many of the initiatives share 
> common requirements in core infrastructure and to reduce reinvention and the 
> risks of incompatibility.  In November 1999, the UN CEFACT and OASIS 
> organisations came together to form the ebXML  initiative to develop a global 
> infrastructure for electronic business, based on public, proven standards, 
> and being freely open to all.  It represents the only global initiative of 
> its type in the industry today. As a result it now has the global backing and 
> participation of large and small vendors, key industry groups from both the 
> EDI and XML worlds, and end-users.
> The first phase of this 18-month work is now nearing completion and is 
> defining the framework by which all enterprises, irrespective of size, 
> location and implementation will interact and do business. This presentation 
> provides an insight into the ongoing work of ebXML and will discuss the 
> architecture defining the framework and how the specifications for transport, 
> business process, registry and repository and core components fit together.

Ed Julson			Sun Microsystems
XML Marketing			901 San Antonio Rd.
XML Technology Center		MS UMPK16-201
				Palo Alto, CA 94303

650-786-9258 (x89258)

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