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Subject: BP/CC Specification schema to be submitted to QR

BP/Core Components teams,

For those who have not been following metamodel meetings, we are preparing a 
submission to go to QR this Friday (12/22).
We refer to this submission as the Specification Schema in support of the
infrastructure release. (For those who were in Tokyo, what we at that meeting
called Specification Metamodel is now being referred to as Specification
Schema, and is a semantic subset of the bigger ebXML metamodel).

For a quick listing of the sub deliverables of the specification schema see
seciton 4 of the deliverable team document distributed by Paul Levine and Mary
Kay Blantz, with updates to be distributed by Mary Kay following today's BP/CC

To manage any changes to the specification schema we have created an issues

I attach the issues list in its current format,
and intend to go over this list tomorrow. 

Anyone who has an issue they would like addressed before we submit the
specification schema to QR on this Friday (12/22) should speak up now and get
their issues added to the issue list. We will not make changes that are not on
the issues list. I will send out separately later today (a subset of) the set
of documents we intend ot submit on Friday. 


>I would like to bring a suggestion update the current Metamodel
>(BCSSchema.doc) to include pseudo-states that correspond to synchronization
>bars. I believe that they should be at the same level as the start-state and
>terminal-state. I understand that this is part of the activity-graph
>Metamodel from which the current profile is based. However, they need to
>explicitly appear in the current profile to be able to have the
>corresponding elements in the schema.
>Best regards,
>Jean-Jacques Dubray, eXcelon Corp.


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