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Subject: agenda and materials for metamodel mtg


Here's the agenda for tomorrow's metamodel meeting:

1. Status on deliverables for this Friday's submission to QR
2. Update from CC/context meeting in London last week
3. Review of issues list
4. Merge on two modeling views (see attachments)
5. Merge of information model into chosen modeling view.
6. Time permitting - review of metamodel chapter in TA doc

Yes, a very full agenda, and we will have to set up several additional working
meetings this week, to reach the Friday deadline.

Attached are two diagrams that we will be talking from. Both of them show the
modeling elements in the Specification Schema and their relationships. Both
represent the same basic semantics but two different modeling preferences. We
may have made some progress on merging them by the time the meeting starts. If
so we will send an updated version.




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