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Subject: Re: BSR - the Basic Semantic Register


The ISO standard, as you correctly point out, tells you nothing about
semantics, only about how to define and register them.

>The valuable part is the Proposed BSR content, including
> the Semantic components and the Semantic Units, freely available at
> http://forum.afnor.fr/afnor/WORK/AFNOR/GPN2/TC154WG1/.

It is at present, but will not be permanently

 Also check out
> the stuff at the BSR Consortium, at http://www.ubsr.org/.

This is the permanent source, and the last I heard it was to be access
My problem is how to recommend their use when I cannot guarantee that anyone
will be able to access them using a URL.

> If the standard is not free, usually the important things we want
> are: the codes and their formats.  Never pay retail.

If this was true of BSR I would have less worries about it. Unfortunately
I've been told that it will nto be true. I pray I have wrong information.


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