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Subject: RE: SMEs : was RE: Party XML Schema Defintions

A couple of attempts to clarify my previously-unclear remarks:

James Bryce Clark:
>Can we rethink the SME-to-SME problem?   
>I think what you really have is an
>SME-to-cloud-of-undifferentiated-opportunity problem.

That was the direction I was trying to go in.
I don't think pure SME-to-SME will be a compelling
situation for ebXML.  I *do* think that ebXML and
similar initiatives could simplify B2B ecommerce so
that hosted buying and selling will become a
cheap commodity.  That's the way SME-to-SME
will probably go.  

>> My general question here is:  what are the conditions that
>> will make it beneficial for SMEs to adopt ebXML?  And in
>> those conditions, what are the likely business process and
>> software requirements?

Stefano Pogliani: 
>I would say that these conditions are (not exhaustively):
>	- ease of understanding
>	- cost effective
>	- not forcing new, complex IT procedures
>	- easy, graphical, cheap tools driving all the way through

I agree with Stefano's comments, but I was really thinking
of the business conditions, for example, big company
offers contracts to SME if they can speak ebXML,
or, cheap hosted B2B exchange speaks ebXML.

In each scenario, what is are the software requirements?
Will the big company supply or host the software?
Will the B2B exchange export documents to be
imported into the SME's Quickbooks system?
Will the SME start using Web business systems
with ebXML import capability?  Etc.

Regardless of ease-of-use, there will always be
some effort required to use something new like ebXML.
What are the situations that will lead SMEs to want
to expend that effort?  Not just because it is a good

-Bob Haugen

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