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Subject: RE: Getting Back to Basics - How to describe Dates and Times andEvents?

William writes:

> I don't know RDF at all, or schema that well, but is John missing
> something in his definitions?  Though he has some type of linkage to the
> qualifier element, identified as "unedifact:de2005," he doesn't say
> which qualifier applies to the definition of "RequestedShipDate."  I
> would have expected something to indicate code "10" and perhaps an
> English comment derived from the name of the code:"Shipment date/time,
> requested."

In the absence of a qualifier, the default dictionary is used by software to
resolve qualified names used as values of various attributes. Dictionaries
are declared in the Metadata element, which can be placed inside any
resource element.

   <Dictionary xmlns='uri of default document'/>
   <Dictionary xmlns:myDict='uri of private dictionary'/>
   <Dictionary xmlns:ourTPA='uri of dictionary named in TPA'/>
   <Dictionary xmlns:edifact='uri of un/edifact dictionary'/>

I don't understand the code '10' issue at all...

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